Internal Nutrition

Internal nutrition is defined as the necessary nutrients that our body needs daily, these needs are covered when we have a correct diet, an incorrect diet can lead to serious diseases. Nutrition is the involuntary organic act of obtaining and using nutrients from food that is transformed into energy for the functioning of our body through a set of processes.


Nutrients are substances contained in food that allow our body to obtain energy and form body structures and regulate organic processes.


We have different classified nutrients:


  • Energetic, structural and regulator
  • Macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Essential and non-essential


All Herbalife products are 100% natural without preservatives or chemical dyes from the cultivation of the seed until the arrival of the product at home, Herbalife controls the manufacturing process of its products ensuring the highest quality. Its infrastructure includes its own botanic extraction plant and they comply with the most demanding international standards such as the "European Health Standards".


Herbalife offers a wide range of nutrition products designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of each person. A range of healthy and low-calorie food solutions which we call "Herbalife Internal Nutrition".
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