Internal Nutrition

Internal nutrition is defined as the necessary nutrients that our body needs daily, these needs are covered when we have a correct diet, an incorrect diet can lead to serious diseases. Nutrition is the involuntary organic act of obtaining and using nutrients from food that is transformed into energy for the functioning of our body through a set of processes.


Nutrients are substances contained in food that allow our body to obtain energy and form body structures and regulate organic processes.


We have different classified nutrients:


  • Energetic, structural and regulator
  • Macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Essential and non-essential


All Herbalife products are 100% natural without preservatives or chemical dyes from the cultivation of the seed until the arrival of the product at home, Herbalife controls the manufacturing process of its products ensuring the highest quality. Its infrastructure includes its own botanic extraction plant and they comply with the most demanding international standards such as the "European Health Standards".


Herbalife offers a wide range of nutrition products designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of each person. A range of healthy and low-calorie food solutions which we call "Herbalife Internal Nutrition".
Herbalife Nutrition - Smoothies and food supplements


  • Herbalife Milkshakes

    The New Generation of Formula 1 shakes are a comfortable and delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of high-quality protein from soy and milk, essential micronutrients and botanical ingredients, added herbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals to offer a perfect nutrition

    F1 Herbalife shakes are quick to prepare as well as being a comfortable and healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Herbalife Bars

    Herbalife Nutrition and Protein Bars

    F1 Express bars, a meal replacement, are the easiest way to get a complete meal, with controlled calories and the essential nutrients your body needs.

    Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars are a delicious snack high in protein.

  • Herbalife proteins

    Herbalife Proteins

    They are a rich source of soy and whey proteins, which help build lean muscle mass and maintain healthy bones.

    What are proteins?

    Proteins are molecules formed by amino acids that are linked by a type of bonds known as peptide bonds. The order and arrangement of amino acids depend on the genetic code of each person. All proteins are composed of:





    And most also contain sulfur and phosphorus.

    Proteins account for approximately half the weight of body tissues, and are present in all body cells, in addition to participating in virtually all biological processes that occur.


    Proteins from foods such as soy or dairy are called "complete" proteins because they contain a balance of all essential amino acids (or building blocks) for muscle growth and maintenance.

    Your body needs 1g of protein for every kg of body weight.

  • Herbalife Weight Control

    What is weight control?

    Weight control is a strategy to keep us healthy and prevent future diseases. It is applied regularly in people who already suffer from some type of chronic disease. However, it is mostly done in people who need to lose weight or gain weight, in growth stages and in cases of eating disorders.

    Reaching a healthy weight can help control cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. It can also help prevent weight-related diseases (heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers).

    In addition, eating too much or not doing enough physical activity can increase weight. To maintain an adequate weight, the calories ingested must be equivalent to the energy consumed and, in order to lose weight, fewer calories should be ingested than the person consumes.

  • Herbalife Energy

    The human organism uses energy for many purposes; For example: walking, running, moving, breathing, growing, maturing tissues, producing breast milk and maintaining healthy tissues. ... All the processes that are carried out in the cells and tissues produce and require the energy to be carried out.



    Energy and Physical Condition


    The Herbalife® Energy and Fitness category includes products that stimulate your daily energy level, as well as hydration products, essential for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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