External Nutrition

What does external nutrition mean?  

Nutrition is not only feeding, our skin also needs nutrients, many factors are reflected in our skin ... factors that we must take into account. Daily life makes stress, work ... does not give us much time to take care of ourselves, although, if we have a good nutrient diet, the skin will notice it, but we must moisturize it and protect it from the sun.


For this we have a range of high quality products, they are 100% natural, for all skin types, for men and women A good external appearance is the result of healthy eating. To further improve your image, to rejuvenate your skin and have healthy hair, it is essential to incorporate quality external nutrients.


Including in your life a balanced diet, practicing exercise and having healthy habits allows you to achieve a luminous and healthy looking skin, it is important to feed your body from the inside out with a balanced nutrition, constant hydration and effective skin care. Taking care of our skin and hair is what we call "Herbalife External Nutrition".

Herbalife Nutrition - Skin care and nutrients

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