• Internal Nutrition

    Internal nutrition is defined as the necessary nutrients that our body needs daily, these needs are covered when we have a correct diet, an incorrect diet can lead to serious diseases. Nutrition is the involuntary organic act of obtaining and using nutrients from food that is transformed into energy for the functioning of our body through a set of processes.


    Nutrients are substances contained in food that allow our body to obtain energy and form body structures and regulate organic processes.


    We have different classified nutrients:


    • Energetic, structural and regulator
    • Macronutrients and micronutrients
    • Essential and non-essential


    All Herbalife products are 100% natural without preservatives or chemical dyes from the cultivation of the seed until the arrival of the product at home, Herbalife controls the manufacturing process of its products ensuring the highest quality. Its infrastructure includes its own botanic extraction plant and they comply with the most demanding international standards such as the "European Health Standards".


    Herbalife offers a wide range of nutrition products designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of each person. A range of healthy and low-calorie food solutions which we call "Herbalife Internal Nutrition".
  • Sport Nutrition

    What is sports nutrition?

    It is a specialized branch of nutrition applied to people who practice intense sports or those who require prolonged efforts over time what are called endurance sports.


    Sports nutrition covers all cycles of sport: rest, active phase and recovery.


    When we exercise, walk, bike, swim or just go down and up stairs, we are already doing some kind of sport. Everything related to the movement of the body we are providing exercise. That is why we want to emphasize how fundamental is the nutrition and hydration of our body.


    Do not do any kind of sport without feeding and hydrating properly! We call this "Herbalife Sports Nutrition".

  • External Nutrition

    What does external nutrition mean?  

    Nutrition is not only feeding, our skin also needs nutrients, many factors are reflected in our skin ... factors that we must take into account. Daily life makes stress, work ... does not give us much time to take care of ourselves, although, if we have a good nutrient diet, the skin will notice it, but we must moisturize it and protect it from the sun.


    For this we have a range of high quality products, they are 100% natural, for all skin types, for men and women A good external appearance is the result of healthy eating. To further improve your image, to rejuvenate your skin and have healthy hair, it is essential to incorporate quality external nutrients.


    Including in your life a balanced diet, practicing exercise and having healthy habits allows you to achieve a luminous and healthy looking skin, it is important to feed your body from the inside out with a balanced nutrition, constant hydration and effective skin care. Taking care of our skin and hair is what we call "Herbalife External Nutrition".

  • Objective Nutrition

    Herbalife Objective Nutrition

    Herbalife Objective Nutrition gives you the optimal health conditions by being able to provide your body with the specific nutritional support it needs.

    Each body and each person is different, that is why, with Herbalife products, you can achieve greater general health well-being by providing the body with the food it needs to be in the best possible way. Herbalife recommends accompanying Objective Nutrition foods with foods from the Weight Control range.

    The nutritional objectives are to promote health, reduce the risk of developing pathologies related to food and control specific diseases caused by excessive or insufficient intake of certain foods.

    Easy and understandable recommendations are needed to achieve nutritional objectives. The dietary guidelines represent the practical way to reach the nutritional objectives by the population.


  • Herbalife Packs

    Are you looking to gain muscle mass, gain strength or lose weight?

    In our store nutrebati2.com in addition to Herbalife shakes and supplements you will find several Herbalife Packs for weight control with which you can meet the goal of controlling weight, maintaining weight or gaining weight.


    Once you are clear about your goal and start taking herbalife products, you will notice much more energy at the end of the day, as they will provide you with all the necessary protein, minerals and carbohydrate vitamins throughout the day.


    We have created various packages of herbalife products for all types of people and needs. It also has Herbalife Sports Packs with Herbalife H24 products as support for athletes 24 hours a day. We have available Packs for any sports discipline, marathon, triathlon, ironman, cycling, athletics and bodybuilding.

  • Herbalife Proteins

    Herbalife Proteins

    They are a rich source of soy and whey proteins, which help build lean muscle mass and maintain healthy bones.

    What are proteins?

    Proteins are molecules formed by amino acids that are linked by a type of bonds known as peptide bonds. The order and arrangement of amino acids depend on the genetic code of each person. All proteins are composed of:





    And most also contain sulfur and phosphorus.

    Proteins account for approximately half the weight of body tissues, and are present in all body cells, in addition to participating in virtually all biological processes that occur.


    Proteins from foods such as soy or dairy are called "complete" proteins because they contain a balance of all essential amino acids (or building blocks) for muscle growth and maintenance.

    Your body needs 1g of protein for every kg of body weight.

  • Accessories

    In our online store nutrebati2.com we have an extensive catalog of Herbalife cocktail shakers, measuring spoon, super Herbalife cocktail shaker and other accessories that you can purchase and thus be able to easily prepare your Herbalife milkshakes.


    You can also find them in the Herbalife nutrition packs on our website, where they are already incorporated with herbalife products.

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